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Unity Christian Fellowship Church and Pastor Anthony Armstrong Are A part of Freedom for Life Ministries
Freedom for Life Ministries, Inc. was organized by Rev. Dr. Randolph Martin who is a chaplain in the women’s SE Arkansas Correctional Facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He saw there was a need for spiritual upliftment and sought out a way to help the women in the prison system. Through Freedom for Life Ministries he started a discipleship program within the prison walls to help train the community to be Spiritual Mentors to those residents inside prison and once they got out. He noticed that once prisoners got out they really didn’t have any spiritual aftercare to help keep them on the right track in life. When you are right with God everything else begins to fall in place.
Freedom for Life Ministries has benefited the Pine Bluff community because it has bridged a gap between prisoners and citizens and has reached beyond racial lines in an effort to save souls for Christ. We have trained people from different denominations in church and different ethnic backgrounds to become disciples for Christ. Also to be a Spiritual mentor to those coming out of the prison system. The workshops not only focus on women, but we also have“Men of Honor” and S.P.E.E.D workshops for children. On the fourth Saturday of each month around our six regions we have workshops for Women, Men and Children that will not only help them spiritually, but when they share with others will also help those that they reach out to. Because of these programs we are teaching others in the Pine Bluff community to have a heart of a servant. To reach down and help the people within our community. To think of others instead of just thinking about ourselves. When people know that they have a support system that they can use in their time of need, it lessens their reaction to turn to crime.
It is our greatest aspiration that all would come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. In addition to the one on one support for current and newly released residents, Freedom for Life Ministries endeavors to reach the entire family through sound biblical teachings. This will in turn cultivate a wholesome spiritual life and promote personal and emotional stability. During our one year program each current and released resident will have received support inside and outside the facility decreasing the current percentage of recidivism. All will be ultimately equipped with the tools to biblically disciple others whether inside or outside the facility. It is our express intention for every resident and released resident to successfully achieve a life outside of prison instead of facing life in prison.
General Information
Ministry Development:

1. Disciple-Makers Program
A one on one Godly discipleship program that encourages responsibility, accountability and personal discipline.
 2. Women of Excellence Workshops
A series of Godly workshops designed for single women, wives and mothers to address the most frequently challenging areas of life on a personal, emotional and spiritual basis.

3. Men of Honor Workshops
A series of Godly workshops designed to instruct single men, husbands and fathers on how to be, not only Godly men but the spiritual priest of their home. Also, to assist them in understanding their God called position and purpose personally, emotionally and Spiritually.

4. Speed Youth Workshops
A series of Godly workshops intended to instruct teens on such topics as understanding peer pressure, emotional changes, appropriate Godly relationships and more.

5. Evanglistic Outreach
To reach others for Christ and enlist the assistance of outside churches and ministries to receive and encourage released residents in addition to their current support system.
The contact person for Freedom Ministries, Inc. is Rev. Dr. Randolph W. Martin, Sr. at 870-267-4511 or via email at: freedom4lifeministries@gmail.com
Mailing Address: PO Box 7263 Pine Bluff, AR 71611
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