Unity Christian Fellowship Church God - LIFE CLASSES
Unity with God, in the Church and Community - Financail Education , Financial Empowerment
Koinonia Financial Management and Planning
By the end of this course, participants will understand how to manage money by preparing a personal spending plan and identifying ways to decrease spending and increase income. To achieve this objective, the participants will be able to:
  • Track daily spending habits.
  • Prepare a personal spending plan or budget to estimate monthly income Expenses.
  • Identify ways to decrease spending.
  • Identify possible ways to increase income.
  • Identify budgeting tools that will help you manage your bills.
  • List and prioritize financial goals.
  • Recognize how to create a plan to achieve financial goals. MORE
Communication Skills: Having good communication skills vital in all parts of life and in the workplace.
Learning Objective:
• Development of Active Listening Skills
• Recognize Nonverbal Cues
• How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations on workplace
• Develop Good Body Language
• Speech and Attentiveness
• How to Communicate Consistency (open and honest communication)
• Understanding the important of good negotiation skills.. MORE
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