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Dennis & Marilyn Snyder
Dennis a very successful design engineer of 35 years, Dennis existed in a lifestyle of pornography, alcohol and drugs. But one day Dennis met The Man named JESUS, and an awesome miracle took place. His life was never to be the same, Dennis experienced, first-hand, the Holy Spirit's miraculous gealing of his broken heart; delivering him from all his addictions. What satan meant for his total destruction of a sick crazed mind, Dennis now possesses the very Mind Of Christ, restored to perfect peace and wholeness.
He has been separated from the world and Called into service to touch the lives of those who would have otherwise slipped between the cracks. Dennis carries the Heart of Jesus into Raiment Ministries, Int'l. In the hope of preventing others from stumbling into the same pitfalls that nearly took his life on several occasions. Dennis stands in the gap for those who have gotten so far afield that they have lost there way to the Father. He has found the Light that will show the way to anyone who strives for the mark; the prize that is in Christ Jesus!
In the middle of the night, December 24, 2001, Dennis was awakened by the Holy Spirit with a Song! His God was giving him a Song; [music, and lyrics]. Since that anointed night, the Lord has continued to bless Dennis with many songs that the Holy Spirit and Dennis Together, are using Mightily to glorify the precious Almighty God really can do all things with anyone, any time, and any place He chooses.
Marilyn's life has been a testament of courage, stamina, perseverance and a faith in her
God Who had a Plan! Marilyn's incredible courage brought her through a devastating childhood, the loss of three precious children, and endurance and healing of terminal cancer while raising two beautiful children.
Today, Marilyn emanates the very essence of Christ's healing and restoration. She has stood, not only the test of time, but while a thousand fell to her right side and ten thousand to the left, she held fast to the Promises of a faithful Saviour and Lord.
She has been actively involved in ministry for more than thirty years. She has a blessed anointing to teach the Word Of God with a fresh new assurance of God's abundance of grace and mercy.
Raiment Ministries Int'l
Wearing The Shekinah Glory Of God.
Father God has Called and Anointed Dennis and Marilyn to teach and minister in the Word, testimony and music throughout the nations(conferences, churches and prisons, alike) in order to help him reach the lost for His Kingdom. Their desire is to be in the center of their Lord's Divine Will for their ministry and their personal lives.
Excellence is what their father has required of their ministry and of them, as well.
Anything short of this would be rubbish to His Kingdom. Praise God! It's really nice if it's a good thing, but if it were not a God Thing then they would not be walking woth excellence!
Without question, Dennis and Marilyn are chosen vessels, with a unique perspective that God uses to help Him heal His broken lambs. We are all wonderfully blessed because of their willingness to be used and their tremendous uncompromising dedication of service for their Lord and Savior. They are following their Lord into the BattleField, STANDING, with the full armor of God firmly in place, doing their best to drop off mega multitudes of souls at the very foot of His Throne.
No Matter what road your life has taken, or how lost you are, you will find a renewed hope for yourself, your spouse, children, family and friends in Jesus Christ's love shared through this couple.
Dennis And Marilyn Snyder Are:

Raiment Ministries Int'l  
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