Unity Christian Fellowship Church God - Weekly Services/Ministries
Unity with God, in the Church and Community - Financail Education , Financial Empowerment
Sunday Morning 10am:
  • Teaching and Preaching of the Word of God (Life Application Messages to for Today Times.·        
  • Children Ministry·        
  • Communion and Fellowship Lunch every 1 Sunday each month·        
  • Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Worship·        
  • Attire Informal and Formal is Common ·        
  • Altar call and Invitation
Tuesday  Bible Study 6pm·       
  •   Disciple-Makers Program one on one Godly discipleship program that encourages responsibility, accountability and personal discipline.·       
  •   Women of Excellence Workshops A series of Godly workshops designed for single women, wives and mothers to address the most frequently challenging areas of life on a personal, emotional and spiritual basis.·        
  • Men of Honor Workshops A series of Godly workshops designed to instruct single men, husbands and fathers on how to be, not only Godly men but the spiritual priest of their home. Also, to assist them in understanding their God called position and purpose personally, emotionally and spiritually.·        
  • A series of Godly workshops intended to instruct teens on such topics as understanding peer pressure, emotional changes, appropriate Godly relationships and more. Youth lady are able to fellowship and talk about Real Life Issue they are facing day to day.  ·        
  • Evangelistic Outreach To reach others for Christ outside the 4 walls  
 Tuesday 7pm Life Class: Free Finance Management Classes   Free Finance Management Classes covers a board band of topics and subject matters. The word of our God said my people Perish from a lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6, Ex 19:21 Prov 28:28).·        
  • Credit Repair and Counseling
  •  Financial Planning Personal and Small Business
  •  Homeownership Classes
  •  Money Management Classes
  •   Starting a Business
  •   Ways to Save and  to Investment
Life Class:  Job/Life Readiness Program
This life class will help individuals create change in their lives by helping to develop the necessary social skills that are required to achieve and maintain employment. This Readiness Program address the root causes of why most people are not able keep a job, nor find a job and deal with everyday problem of life. The Life Readiness Program offers eight (8) personal development classes/workshop and all the life classes focus on developing critical life and job skills .The Classes:
  • Communication Skills
  • How to Have a Strong Work Ethic
  • How totake the Initiative in Life and Being aSteward
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  •  Teamwork Skills
  • Computer Skills/ Resumes Cover Letters
  •  How to Job Search /Role Play Interview
Thursday 7pm Weekly Service
  • Teaching and Preaching the Word
  • Contemporary Worship Service
  • Informal,  Causal, or Formal  Attire
  • Fellowship Period after Service  Light Snack
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